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My friends are wasting their money on internet brides. Help.

A lot of my friends are really into these foreign women who are seeking men for marriage.
I think this one’s an audacity and an act of desperation.
With their age, they are too old to play around with these girls.
I don’t know if they’re doing this to get married or to just get laid by a foreign woman.
Should I just sit around and watch them waste their money on these women? Or shall I change my mindset? Are there real and successful marriages born out of online dating? Thanks! 

1 Answers

Grayskies Answered:

There are real people that fall in love from online bridal services. Either way they’re consenting adults they will do whatever they want. Either it’ll be the best thing in their life or it’ll be the worse they have to make their own mistakes and learn. Just let them know you don’t agree with their actions.

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