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Very Confused

Hello, I guess I am looking for an unbiased opinion.
My wife and I have been together for 7 years both remarried.
I pride myself on always being romantic, doing sweet things, leaving notes, flowers, holding hands still open the doors, etc.
I am above average in looks and stay in good shape.
In my prior years, I was always complimented on being a very unselfish and satisfying in the physical romance.
My issue now which has me very confused is my wife's complete lack of interest and emotions regarding romance.
She admitted in her past that she really enjoyed sex allot.
So here is her prince charming and the only time she shows any interest is when she has a few drinks and watches porn.
Even then, she shows little interest in passion or foreplay.
I have tried to express this as sensitively as I could and she always gets upset and avoids direct questions.
The rest of the time, she cannot survive 5 minutes without looking at her phone playing games and Facebooking.
I have made the comment out of frustration, she would rather facebook than f*ck !  I am really starting to feel like she is not satisfied and seeks outside attention through her phone.
Maybe this is her way cheating without touching?  We have never cheated on each other or ever fight.
Just can't figure this out.
For the first time in my life, I have no sexual confidence and starting to doubt myself.
Looking for any thoughts or insight.

1 Answers

Grayskies Answered:

Sounds stupid but maybe it’s too intimate for her? Like as in too romantic. Try finding out what she watches or just watch with her and then mimic the videos. My guess is she’s into hard stuff. If she’s more of a control freak she wants to be controlled in the bedroom. If that’s not it ask her why? Don’t start doubting yourself remember your the one on here wondering how to fix it.

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