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Is my boyfriend controlling? Or is it me??

My boyfriend doesn’t like me posting on Instagram, I only post simple selfies of my face and I don’t follow people I don’t know.
He says I’m getting boys’ attention and that’s all I want from it which isn’t true!! I’ve been with him for 1 year bow, but he always makes comments about me wanting boys attention even if I put makeup on for a day.
I don’t know if I should feel upset that he does this? Or just leave it? It seems to happen a lot and it makes me feel horrible.

1 Answers

Grayskies Answered:

Posting pictures is for attention period or else why would you post pictures? Not saying it’s for male attention. Look at your relationships and see where you lack attention and then go from there. But also he shouldn’t be controlling what you do so obviously there’s so issues there. He needs to get with the time. Women are more independent these days and there’s a reason.

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