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How to finish endless discussions without running into an argument

My husband and I have the problem that we sometimes run into an endless discussion, each of us has an opinion which is different from the partner's opininion and there is no movement.
When I detect such a deadlock I try to get out of the discussion by finishing it, but my partner loves to discuss endlessly even if it is clear to him that there will be no changes.
The problem occurs when I try to finish.
Asking for stopping does not help, he will just go on.
Stopping it physically by leaving the room is declared as 'running away' even if I gave some warnings in advance that I would go.
Going on with the discussion makes me angry because it is a waste of time, and my wish to stop is ignored.
What can I do?

1 Answers

Andrew Answered:

Oh boy! I used to be in a relationship with someone like that (who loved to talk in circles about the same thing over and over!) and it is super frustrating.
I suggest putting your foot down after he's gone around for a while and say, "How do you think we should end this discussion?" or pull the old "I love you and you love me, so let's agree to disagree and move on."
There's a great article that discusses all things conflict resolution! It talks about ways to put an end to relationship conflict without starting a war with your spouse. I think you'll get a lot of good advice from it.

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