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Will Filipina women commit with you for lifetime?

When my Mom left us for another man, my Dad became alcoholic and a womanizer.
He used to date every woman he liked.
I let him because I have seen how broken and empty he was when she left.
However, it did not seem to help him move on.
No matter how much he tried to date women from USA, he still comes home drunk late at night.
He falls asleep at night while calling my Mom’s name.
I felt broken too but not as broken as he may seem.
He had been like that for five long months.
I felt sad and I wanted him to move on with his life.
Then good news came to me.
Last week, my Dad asked me if it is fine for him to remarry.
Just by hearing it, I felt like sitting on a ninth cloud.
I couldn’t explain how happy I was for him.
He said he will be marrying a Filipina woman whom he met on singles tours.
He has been dating her for almost three months now.
I was and am happy for him, yet, I wonder if that woman will love him wholeheartedly and will stay with him for lifetime.
Are Filipina women faithful enough to stay with you through ups and downs unlike my mom?

1 Answers

David Dawson Answered:

Getting married after 3 months is sort of a red flag, in my opinion (though not unheard of). That being said, whether or not to commit has nothing to do with race or where you are from. It has to do with what type of person you are and what you want for your future. If you suspect your father's new wife may or may not stay committed, I strongly suggest checking out this article on signs of commitment phobia and seeing if anything rings a bell.
You should also get in touch with her and try to know her better.

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