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Can I save my marriage?

My wife and I have been separated for about 2 months now.
Last week seemed like she was done and wrote me a long email about when she wanted to come get her stuff.
Well I met with her yesterday to tell her i understand everything now.
It hit me all at once I couldn't blame her for wanting out.
I also have told her we should at least try counseling together and see where it goes she agreed and said this "Yes because no matter what happens with us I want each of us to grow and improve ourselves.
I feel like our individual counseling helps but I also feel like marriage counseling will too.
Like I've said before, I dont what our future holds but I'm willing to do what I can to make sure we are happy.
" Is there anything I can do to make things better since she is living with her mom? Or just see what happens?

1 Answers

If your partner has gone from being your best friend to feeling like a total stranger, then there is a chance that your relationship is going out. But if you are thinking to get a divorce it is also a wrong decision. You both should sit and talk personally also ask any friend or relative to save your relation. And if it's not possible for them to do so, you should go to Marriage Counselor. By counseling, perspective regarding divorce changes. So my advice is to meet a Marriage Counselor.

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