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I need advice on how to communicate with spouse.

I have many issues with my husband and it has gotten to the point where I’m no longer in love with him.
A lot of it stems from resentment, because I want to be closer to my family, if I’m going stay married I want my name on the house and cars, etc.
I want to feel like a married couple.
Right now I feel like a woman whose being taken care of.
I’m extremely independent so the fact that I feel “taken cared of” makes me feel trapped, like I can’t live my life without him.
not in a feel good way.
I could go on but I’d like to know how I can approach him and how I can prepare myself for this.
We are very bad at communicating especially when it comes to the hard and ugly stuff.
We will literally put off talking about something until it either disappears on its own or one of us becomes resentful Thanks

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

It sounds like you and your husband are in desperate need of a communication overload. Some keys to good communication include:
Staying respectful
Not losing your cool
Learning to listen
Having empathy
Being honest but not impolite
There's an article I think you might enjoy. It talks about easy and effective couple’s communication tips .
That being said, I think you two could also benefit from marriage counseling. Your counselor will be able to open the lines of communication and get to the bottom of the issues you're having in your marriage.
All the best!

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