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Cousin is hooked to Thai ladies. Should I give him a talk?

My cousin watched Thai movies over the past few months.
Needless to say, he’s now obsessing with every Thai.
He fell in love with the culture and the women (I know right) There’s nothing wrong with loving another country’s culture and all but that’s not what’s concerning me.
The problem is that he’s still 13 years old.
He’s “fangirling” so much to a point that he’s becoming a bit too “perverted” for someone his age.
He’s been saying things like he wants to love as many Thai ladies as he can and do some pretty matured things with them.
This is not normal right? Or is he simply at the early stages of puberty where he’s exploring his newfound emotions? Should I give him a talk about this or should I just leave him be? Need some advice on this you guys.

1 Answers

Brandymike Answered:

this isn't possible to marry right now. Because he is only 13 years of old. You should talk to him about this matter and his bad future.

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