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​Broke up with my ex two months ago, now I want her back

So I met my ex girlfriend from one of my classes at my university and we dated for about ten months before I ended things with her.
Towards the end of our relationship, we begun arguing over the smallest details and I kept a lot of emotions bottled up, which led to my resentment towards her growing.
Now several weeks down the line, I miss her terribly and have started seeing the error of my ways.
To win her back, I started by changing certain things she disliked about my personality, such as my tendency to become passive aggressive whenever we would have one of our stupid arguments.
However, I found out from a mutual friend that she is now dating a foreign student whom she met at one of those foreign socials.
Now I’m wondering on whether I should continue pursuing her or meet someone else instead? Please help.

1 Answers

NovemberRain Answered:

I have had relationships that did not work out prior and came back with both parties believeing that they fixed things on their end enough to start over again for the first time. With that said... It never works out the second time. as a rule of thumb, I say give it a week maybe two, if you are lucky and things will be right back to where it was when you broke up. The only difference as you are in the relationship again and feel like you have to really try to make it work... After a few more weeks or months you will end it again. If you can't work it out with that person, it is best to move on. If see has already moved on herself, it does not seem like she wants you as much as you want her. You could just talk to her and ask her how she feels about you two being back together again. The only harm in that are you hurt feelings but at least you will know her take on it.

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