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My friends are on the verge of breaking up. Need help.

My two dear friends whom I both idolize and support so much are about to break up soon.
The three of us have been friends for over 10 years and when they confessed their love for each other, I was super happy for them.
They’ve been together for 5 years now and just about a year ago, one of them migrated abroad for family reasons.
It wasn’t something he could control.
  Now, because of the distance, they’ve been constantly fighting and are now about to break up.
I really think it’s a bad idea since all they need is to be with each other again even for a few days.
To somehow “rekindle the spark.
”  I’ve been looking into some international dating blogs, dating shows, and even those dating talk shows that resemble “Dr.
Phil” but to no avail.
I can’t seem to convince any of them.
So, people on the internet, please lend me your wisdom!

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

Distance is usually the cause of breakups and trust issues. One can't make other convince their loyalty for a longer period. Both of them should put in efforts for being around each other so that they can resolve differences before they become a reason for a breakup. I would like to recommend you about taking your friends to the consultant, that can help them understand where they are lacking and factors they have to work to get back spark in their relationship.


Replied on Jun 14, 2018

The problem is they're too stubborn sometimes.
I really hope they at least put an effort on making things work again.

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