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Should couples make major purchasing decisions together?

For two years now my wife has known that I only like Toyota vehicles and we have both looked at RV travel trailers.
She has one more year to work and I'm retired so I wanted to wait until she retired and we both go in for one together that a Toyota truck could pull.
Four weeks ago she went with a relative and purchased a 9500 pound RV trailer without me being there or discussing it with me.
Next thing I know she has a 9500 pound travel trailer parked in her parents yard about 60 miles away.
The Toyota truck will not pull a trailer this heavy.
She is now wanting me to buy a Dodge truck that will pull her travel trailer.
I asked her why the trailer is not parked at our home and she said she wanted to leave it at her parents for the summer so her family could use it.
I told her that I was very disappointed that she did not include me in the purchasing decision and that I didn't want to buy a truck that I didn't want.
I told her that if she had waiting until she retired we both could have purchased one together that the truck I wanted would pull with no problems.
She has the trailer financed in her name and hasn't been used yet.
So, am I right in my decision and what advise do you have? She tells me she is depressed because I won't buy the truck she wants.

1 Answers

Andrew Answered:

Your wife made a pretty big decision without telling you. That's a big no-no for healthy marriages, in my opinion. Couples should make big purchases together.
Communication issues aside, if you do not want the trailer, have you tried to return it to where she bought it from?
If she can't return the trailer, it looks like you're probably stuck buying a big Dodge truck, otherwise how are you going to pull this thing?
There's a great article all about sharing finances in a marriage and gives some advice for success in that department. You may want to hint at your wife to give it a read ;)

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