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Been battling with this toxic relationship. Need help!

I arrived here in the US 5 years ago.
I got married to an old American man whom I met online.
I was part of this site where you can get yourself an online bride and yes, I am one of those online brides.
We talked online and eventually met while he was on one of those tours conducted to meet their supposed-to-be bride.
He eventually asked me for marriage and seeing that he was good enough for a husband, I agreed.
However, as marriage life drags on, he slowly became violent towards me both physically and mentally.
He told me that I am only a woman he bought online to be his slave.
The thing is, I have already invested so much into this relationship ---- love, time and effort.
He never came to notice it.
I have come to love him throughout these years and now, I don’t know what to do.

2 Answers

NovemberRain Answered:

Hugs. I am sorry to hear about your situation. You seem like a good woman who is not appreciated. Just know that there is someone who is looking for someone just like you and that you are not a slave. The only thing your husband can own is your heart.. and only if you allow him to own it. You do not have to stay in that situation just because you where a mail-order-bride. It is not a fair life for you. and I truely wish you the best and that your end will be beautiful.

Leah1234 Answered:

I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you told your husband that you truly love him? If you want to stay in the marriage you should have a serious conversation and tell him that this marriage is serious to you. I don’t like that he’s been abusive though, that is serious and shouldn’t be dealt with lightly, if you feel frightened that you will be harmed by him you should seek out help.

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