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Is there a period of time you have to wait before you can remarried

My partner and her husband separated when they were living and working in the USA 20 years ago.
My partner returned to Uk on completion of her contract.
 She discovers recently that her husband divorced her and remarried 15 years ago without informing her.
She does not have a copy of her divorce papers.
We are hoping to get married.
Is there a period of time she has to wait before remarrying, bearing in mind she has no way of proving the divorce, She has been trying for years to locate him without result.
  Thank you

1 Answers

Leah1234 Answered:

You two should go to the court where the marriage was filed. You should be able to get direction on how to ensure that she is really divorced and if necessary how to obtain a divorce if the second party cannot be found.

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