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trust and telling the truth

I have been married to my husband for almost a year.
In the beginning everything was lovely dovey, but now i dont know where we stand.
Here is what happened last weekend my husband told me that he was going to see his father which is fine only to find out he did not go there when he said he was going to and tells me he was at a friends house to find out that was also a lie he went to the casino.
I dont see why he had to lie? Also, I may be wrong for what i did, but i looked at his phone because everything hes been saying wasnt matching up.
to find out he texted a girl and when i confronted him he got upset and said he did nothing wrong.
His excuse was that he was trying to help his friend find a girl which is fine helping a friend, but there are boundries to keep and lines not to cross.
now he put a lockcode on his phone and said from now on i am not going to tell you what im going to do or who im going to meet because you will get upset.
i said why not tell me the truth to begin with and if i get upset get it over with, but why lie get caught and start a fight? Am i missing a point here? at this point i dont know what to do anymore I wanna make it work, but whats the point when i am the only one trying to make it work and solve out our problems? If ive lost trust in my husband is it over?

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