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I want to save my marriage

Me and my wife have been married for 3 years.
Since our marriage we have been rocky.
There is no doubt I have made plenty of mistakes and that a lot of her arguments are valid.
But my problems lies with every time I try and make an improvement on my weaknesses I will fall short at one thing and suddenly I don't do anything right.
This has been a pattern and now its even worse.
I've always had an ability to look past the issue and show affection .
Nothing is more important to me then letting her know I love her because you never know how short life is.
So my current situation is I can't do anything or ask anything without her seeming or being physically annoyed by it.
She constantly reminds me of my failures every time I try and ask her why she can't talk to me without attitude.
I get her frustration but every move every conversation I do back fires on me.
The small actions I make don't get recognition and every time I try and get traction through talking I'm turned into the enemy becUse I do talk about my issues with how she is acting.
I give every ounce of effort to be compassionate and stay away from blame.
Every time I can I complement on her looks tell her I love her, I always feel I'm in a shadow of failures and I'm not seen for what I truly am or want to be.
Its hard to stay commuted to are problems and every time I try instead of good job or give advice I get a it won't last, its not the way you do it.
When I've told her I would like a little support every now and then to know if I'm doing things right according to her.
She responds with are you a dog or I'm not your mother.
I'm lost and drained.
I love her so much we have brief moments where sky's clear buts its just one mistake and its everything that had happened in the 3 years falls right back in my lap.
Then its back to the climb.
I do my best to not let her attiude effect me and be the adult and get things done regardless.
Apparently I'm weak and I find my self esteem low and can't keep a foothold on what I need to do to start things going right.
I want the support of my wife, I want her to stay positive, keep faith in me, understand my difficulties, and a appeal to my ego a little to keep me interested in what is right.
Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

A good therapist can get you two back together and might help you with the lost spark in your relationship. Make her feel wanted and do special stuff that can help her realize your love.

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