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Friendship between male and female

A female friend of 15 years of your husband buys underwear’s as a gift for him.
appropriate or not appropriate?

3 Answers

Brathwhite Answered:

This isn't a big matter with whom you are making the relationship. The most important thing is how are you reacting? Friendship can make with anyone. There is no bindings to make the relationship. I am totally positive making relationship with a female.

NovemberRain Answered:

My first reaction was... Yes! very inappropriate. but then I started to think. Maybe they are like brother and sisters. I have friends who are like that with me. None of them ever gave me any gifts like that and has never crossed the line. It is interesting that she would do such a thing and they would be on my radiar... My ex-husband is my ex-husband because he cheated on me with his best friend and now they have a child together. My ex lied about his involvment with his best friend and claimed he never touched or had sex with her while she was 8 month pregnant with his child. So you can talk to him, if you like.. but I tried that and it did not give me honest results. I am so sorry you are going through this. I know it leaves you confussed and hurt. hugs

Blessidu Answered:

That depends. Was it a joke? It's probably inappropriate otherwise unless they have an especially close relationship that is like a brother/ sister type of thing. You should ask yourself how big of a deal you want to make this into. Do you trust your husband? Do you trust this woman? Do you think her intentions were to seduce him or come between your relationship? He can't control what gift he recieved from her so it's probably not going to help you or your marriage at all to punish him for it. If you really suspect something is happening between them that is one thing but if she just gave him an inappropriate gift you should probably let your husband know you found it inappropriate and let it go.

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