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When i can leave my wife forever ?

hii, i had an arranged marriage and married just 3 months ago & in these 3 months me & my wife had many aruguments fights. Even our parents involved to solve the things but doesn't worked, my wife said many wrong words and abused me and said wrong words and had great arguments with my mother also (my father left us for another woman and married her 14 years ago and since then my mother can't able to take stand for herself) i tried to explain her "it is not for a women to survive easily who's husband left her for another woman" but she took it lightly, i always tried to support & told what to do and what not to my wife (like- i told her things not to do- her aggression is very high i told her don't get anger, sometimes she uses bad languages and abuse me in joke, when she not hear the words properly without confirming the word she replies instantly which proved bad, she didn't remember the words she said for long and claims she didn't said it all----- i told her to do- get socialize with my family, she always used to live in bedroom instead to live with family members which is not favorable, try to remember the things, don't use ever such bad languages and don't ever abuse me, first hear properly then reply) all these kind of stuffs made my life like spoiled whenever i tried to clear the things thoughts she replied ( lecture, my head is spinning, headache etc.), her parents also supporting in some certain way.....
now my mother also don't want to leave with her.
me and my mother feels like stucked & life become like hell.... i want to leave her....any suggestions.....

Answers (4)

Alice257 said on
I would suggest you guys visit a therapist and not to jump into a decision. Invest a bit more time in your marriage, get involved more and instead of fights make her calm down and resolve the differences.
hajimushtaqali said on
Husband's love is a very stiff key, which supports wife
Mrithyunjay said on

Dear sanjusanju25

I could clearly understand the helpless situation of you and your mom. I have seen few such couples...
Most of them are still living together. Except few of them, all others were able to recover a hasslefree marital life. One or two have achieved marital harmony...

I understand your life is in a very bad shape now. Yet there can be a better future. She may change if her emotional world is properly attended.   

What you can do right now: Tips

1. From your description, it is evident that your wife loses her emotional balance constantly. If you can help her to achieve emotional balance that could be a wonderful solution.

2. Considering your parental history there is every possibility both you and your mother might have heavy hearts and emotional hurts. Such hurts can complicate others simple emotional imbalance into an emotional crisis. Bringing awareness in this area can reduce further heat ups and fights in your family.

3. Now you have an opportunity to solve a big puzzle - marital discord. As a young man if you feel that the situation will never change, she is a hell, let me escape from this turmoil as early as possible etc. , it is not wrong. But from my experience, I can say there is every possibility you can solve this marital conflict.

Even after taking a good trial with an expert's help then you can think about the possibilities of leaving a relationship. Otherwise, I would suggest that your decision to leave a relationship as early as possible is just a knee-jerk reaction. You can try better options.

For further help contact: Whatsapp me: +91 9962791720  
loverich98 said on
Yes, it’s no secret that an increase in the frequency and intensity of arguments with your partner are a clear indication that all is not well with your marriage.  Now, don’t panic here just because you and your spouse are fighting a few times a week… every married couple will disagree and have conflicts from time to time, and it’s actually a healthy thing to argue now and then as long as they lead to resolutions or don’t leave lingering hard feelings.
When those arguments become daily occurrences, and tend to arise over almost anything, then that’s when things get a bit more dicey.  For example, if you arriving 5 minutes late for a dinner date turns into a massive screaming match and results in both of you going to bed angry for the third time in a week, then that’s a problem.  These kinds of arguments, if they happen frequently and tend to blow small grievances or disagreements way out of proportion, can indicate that your marriage is headed in the wrong direction.
Most of the time, couples who argue too often but have otherwise healthy marriages can repair this problem relatively easily.  In simple terms, if you and your spouse fight too much or argue often over small issues, you need to learn how to prevent the useless arguments and have more important disagreements in a more civilized and constructive manner. I recommend you to read blog review :
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