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Situation with co-worker

I am married.
I am 27.
I have this coworker girl who always flirts with me but we take it as a joke.
Last Saturday she told me she liked me but she didn't want to screw my marriage.
She is also concerned about her parents and their religion.
I like her, but more than that, I have a strong sexual desire for her.
I wouldn't finish what I have with my current wife because of this coworker thing.
 In an ideal world, my coworker should be open-minded and we should just have sex.
  it's my impression This week she is avoiding me, and I don't like to beg for attention.
  normally, I am very sensible but in this case, I can't see the light.

1 Answers

Trueshot21 Answered:

You can't expect anything good to come from it. Your married and if anything goes south you work with this person. Live in the friend zone with a little flirting. As long as you have self control its fun to feel wanted but never fun to create mistakes you can't take back.

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