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When to pop the question

So 2 months ago I started dating my best friend.
This is a girl I’ve literally been just friends with for about 7 years.
Not only have we been friends we’ve been best friends.
Meaning, We’ve been there for each other and supported one another through all the relationships throughout the last 7 years.
We’ve always told each other everything and through every relationship, we’ve never lost contact.
We’ve even lived together for almost 4 months through a rough time in both of our lives (college) (both single but still just friends).
We both know basically everything there is to know about a person and we’ve been able to make the transition from being best friends into being boyfriend and girlfriend.
It was definitely different.
But awesome! :)) The majority of people find out they’re best friends after they become boyfriend and girlfriend.
It’s so much better to actually date someone who has been just your best friend for years.
(Apparently everyone around us has seen this coming for years.
Except for us) lol so My question is, When is it okay to ask her to marry me? We know everything about one another.
We don’t get sick of one another(lived together for 4 months no problem).
I mean it’s like we’ve been dating for years but we just now added the romance side of it.

1 Answers

Blessidu Answered:

You don't want to rush it and risk freaking her out so I would suggest casually making a joke about getting married and see how she responds. If it's positive, make sure you've talked about the important things that make or break a marriage like kids, future plans, where you want to live, etc. Nothing would be worse than marrying your best friend and then finding out you are on two totally different paths. If everything lines up and you're both ready to make the commitment to each other then take the leap! You probably know each other much better than most couples who get engaged. Good luck!

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