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Ex-girlfriend is jealous of me joinging Latin America singles club

My ex-girlfriend and I stayed friends months after our break up.
I know some people would really raise eyebrows on this arrangement but that’s what we agreed on.
We talk from time to time but it’s mostly about neutral stuff, nothing about us anymore.
Last week she messaged me asking if it’s true that I joined this Latin America singles club thing.
She said a friend told her about it but wouldn’t drop a name.
I noticed that she was acting all jealous about it.
Although she said that she was happy for me, I could see in her messages that she was actually feeling something negative about it.
Trust me, I’ve mastered reading her emotions behind her messages.
How should I react about this?

2 Answers

Blessidu Answered:

It is really hard to stay friends with someone you had an intimate relationship with. She probably didn't realize she would feel jealous about seeing you with someone else until there was a possibly of it becoming a reality, and she may not be as over the relationship as she's trying to make you think she is. If you're totally ready to move on you may need to cut contact with your ex until she's had time to get over it completely and move on for herself.

Ted1234 Answered:

Well if you are over, this shouldn't concern you at all. If you don't feel anything for her then don't think too much about her getting jealous. Even if she has feelings for you, let her attraction for you die in its natural course of death.

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