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A foreign ex doesn't want to be friends anymore

When a foreign ex-girlfriend and I broke up, we decided to keep our friendship.
We know it’s a journey to get to the comfortable stage of our friendship but we kept that door open.
However, when we talked the other day she sounded like she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.
I honestly don’t know how I feel about it.
I don’t want to get back together with her anymore but I really do want to be her friend.
She’s a nice person and I want to keep her in my life.
Should I just stop communicating with her? Do I just close the door for any friendship between us? Help me please.

2 Answers


It may be too painful for her to hear about your life and know she's not a part of it anymore. She may just need some time to herself to really heal and move on. All you can do is wish her the best and let her know you will be there for her if she ever needs anything. It would be selfish to not give her the space she's asking for. She may decide in the future that she'd like to reconnect with you but you will just have to wait and see.


Friendship is a two-way relationship. If she is not interested to be friends with you, I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it. Yes, you should stop communicating with her if she doesn't want to.

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