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My uncle's foreign bride is so mean

My uncle is a very nice and generous guy and he recently got married secretly.
About a week ago, we met his foreign bride for the first time and she seemed really nice at first.
But 2 days ago, I overheard her talking to my uncle and she was very mean to him.
They were arguing and she said some really insulting things about our family.
I want to confront my uncle and convince him that his wife is a witch.
But how can I do that properly? How do I approach a middle-aged dude about his unpleasant wife?

1 Answers

Victor27 Answered:

If you confront your uncle he may get defensive. It's good that you care, but he's old enough to make his own choices. Let things go for a while.


Replied on May 30, 2018

that is true.

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