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Wife going on holiday with friends

My wife and I have been married nearly 10 years and have two young girls.
She has just announced she is going to Jamaica or Mexico with her friemds to celebrate her 40th.
She neber even discussed it just booked it and said she is going end of story.
Am i wrong to be annoyed?

3 Answers

Pro11pse Answered:

We all need some time off to recharge our batteries. Her mistake is that she hasn’t discussed it with you. However, she has all the right to go with her friends and spend some quality time. My advice to you is not to take everything so personal. Let her go and trust me she will come with more power to love and to take care of you. I and my husband had the same situation some years ago. The crisis in our relationship, infinite reproaches and misunderstanding made me so tired. Eventually, I took my best friend and went to refresh my mind in the middle of the wilderness and nature. Some time without internet and away from civilization in wonderful private Safari camps helped me to rest my head off and to understand that my husband is the most important person in my life. So, don’t make any quick decisions and go with the flow.

Blessidu Answered:

I think you have a right to be a little stunned. If you decided to take a trip without consulting her I bet she would be upset too. However, it is a milestone birthday for her and she probably just got caught up in the planning with the other women and didn't think about how it would affect you. Let her go on her trip and have fun. You and the kids plan something special for her birthday before the trip, and then a few days after she gets back have a discussion with her about how it made you feel that she didn't even consult you. If you confront her before the trip she will probably get upset, either cancel the trip or feel guilty the whole time she's there, and end up blaming you for ruining her birthday.

Ponderosa35 Answered:

isitreally....The way your wife announced it wasn’t the best. But the real question is why did she felt the need to plan her 40th birthday with her friends? Have you made plans together yet? In the past have you made plans and the plans feel through? Just talk to her and ask her what she needs.


Replied on May 29, 2018

Yes we have had.
plans for years to go to new York together and she was going to go to London this is just totally out of the blue nut seemingly iys because one friend can't walk alot and it's to suit her, the same friend who went straight out with my wife's long term bf as soon as they split up and had a kid to him and then dumped him.
Think you can't tell I.
domt like her lol simply for betraying a friendship to my wife

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