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Are bachelor parties appropriate for married men?

My husband’s best friend is finally getting married.
The guys are planning a huge bachelor party for him, since he’s last of the college crew to get married.
I have a problem with the idea of all of them going to strip clubs and acting like college kids again, especially since they all have families now.
What would you do in my shoes?

3 Answers

Sak_sak Answered:

Not only should they be 'appropriate for men' but also be highly encouraged. In fact, I say they should be for women too! Both partners need a break from each other and hanging out with friends, and having a good time should be very welcome. I dont see why there is need to be making issues about this - if you love and trust your partner, then this will only help your relationship!

Op_happy Answered:

Oh, come on! I think you've seen Hangover too many times. Take a chill pill, nothing is going to happen! He just wants to have a good time with his best friends. Trust him, and don't be a kill joy!

Graham Answered:

I guess the whole concept of bachelors party is misunderstood. It's about the last fun before tasting the cake of responsibility. You should perhaps trust your husband that he won't do anything stupid that may harm your marriage and enjoying his friend's wedding. This life requires some fun. Though, I am not encouraging an extra-marital affair here. That is out of order! As the person in one of the above answers said there is no harm in bachelors party and even women should consider it. Its only about being away from the the daily chores and having fun with friends.

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