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my wife is not showing intrest on sex

It is been 4 Years we are happy married couple.
We have 1 year old son.
My wife is best and she is awesome in all the this things in our married life but I’ve noticed in recent past she is not interested in sex with me , I wanted love making with her she is not showing interest and she is not even looking at my face.
She try to avoid sex as much as she can and I had to force her.
she is not giving a kiss even when I force her.
yesterday I was completely nervous we are not having sex at least 3-4 time in month.
I’ve lot of sexual feeings and I wanted to do sex.
yesterday I was very angry on my wife .
pls advice what made her to behave like this.

1 Answers

Morena Answered:

I really hope that by "force" you mean insit. Because if it's not then you have bigger problems than getting laid. It seems to me that you need to focus more on what you are doing then what she is not doing. I'm going through something simlar and the reason why I lost interest in my husband is because he is incredilby lazy and has not being romantic with me anymore. He does nothing but watch tv all day but still excpects to have sex. We havent had anything in a little over two weeks and I'm so fine with it because I no longer view him as man but more as a child. A child that I have to nag about in order to do something-ANYTHING. You need to be loving and affectionate AND NOT except sex right after. If anything date her, serenade her and leave her wanting more. Eventually and this is key eventually she will wantyou again.

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