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How to ask out Kiev Ladies for a date?

I have a co-worker from Kiev who had just migrated here about several months ago.
This lady is so sweet and bubbly.
She’s extremely gorgeous and very kind too.
I am so eager to ask her on a date but I want to do it correctly.
I do not want to scare her away.
I’m wondering if there’s any traditional way of asking Kiev ladies out for a date? I’d like to approach her in a way that might just flatter her more than the usual ways of asking out.

1 Answers

Emily Rodes Answered:

I'm not sure if there is a traditional way of asking out a girl from Kiev, but I'm sure that as a female, she's going to like what most women like - your attention.
Show her that you like her, show her that you want to know about her life and interests, look for ways to make her laugh, flirt, compliment her, and show her that you really care. Once you've established chemistry with her, tell her how much you like her and ask her out for dinner.
There's a cute article about how to talk to your crush and build chemistry together that I think you may enjoy.

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