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Are women from USA scared of marriage?

Something has been bothering me a lot these days.
Is it just me or majority of women from USA are scared of marriage.
My 3-year relationship with my girlfriend just went down the drain after I proposed to her.
It was a really great relationship so I thought, hey, maybe she’s really the one.
I prepared a very romantic proposal, informed her mom of my plan, but when I went down on one knee she turned me down.
She said she’s not ready to marry yet, said she’s still building her career.
Also said she’s still not ready to have a family.
We’re already turning 30 with great jobs and has our apartment.
I thought by now she would be.
Does she just dislike the idea of marriage? Was it me? I’m really confused right now.

1 Answers

Blessidu Answered:

I'm sorry that happened to you, however you probably should have known what her goals were for her future before you proposed to her. Even if your relationship is going great and you love her, it seems like your plan for what you want in your life doesn't match up to hers. She probably got freaked out that you were on such different pages. You should have asked her when she planned to be ready for marriage instead of assuming enough time had passed for her to be ready. Are you still trying to work out your relationship?

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