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Do we need a prenup agreement?

I’m getting married in six months to my foreign girlfriend.
I was advised by a friend that one of the things I need to do before saying I do is to get a prenuptial agreement.
Basically it’s supposed to protect my assets and properties in case my relationship with my future wife goes down the drain.
I don’t know though if this is an acceptable practice when marrying Kiev ladies.
I don’t want to do it if it would be insulting on her end.
I need advice on this.
Please help me.

1 Answers

Well, it is good to sign a prenup agreement for the security of your future, there is no insulting thing in this. Nowadays the prenup agreement is a common thing which is signed my most of the couples by mutual understanding. This should not be happening, but suppose there will be a problem in your marriage in the future, instead of regretting at that time it is better to sign agreement. And for all this procedure, it is better to hire a good lawyer who can give you proper legal advice.


Replied on May 18, 2018

Thanks a lot for this.
Will think it through with a lawyer.

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