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I think my husband is a narcissist.

I met my husband at a marriage tour about 2 years ago and we settled down very quick.
We have a fiery but passionate kind of love between us and so it’s always exciting.
This made us feel like we were ready to get married.
And so we got married about 6 months ago.
I’m getting to know my husband more and more with each passing day and I’m starting to think he is a narcissistic person.
His ego is huge.
He loves to turn the tables on me.
Whenever we fight and he’s the one at fault, he’d find a way to make it my fault.
I’m getting sick of it.
What should I do? I really regret not getting to know him better before marrying him.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Since you are married, you can't just sever all ties with your husband, just like that! It's best that you refrain from any reaction, or strong outburst of emotions when he making those spiteful narcissistic remarks. The more impenetrable your persona is the faster he will stop resorting to pulling you down, resorting to counseling is also a good idea if he is willing to.

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