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What's the perfect gift for an anniversary?

Our anniversary is coming up and I really want to give an awesome gift to my girlfriend.
Met this lovely woman in a site for foreign women seeking men (yes, I’m into foreign ladies) and we hit it off pretty quick.
She was so lovely to chat with.
We met up a couple of times and we’ve been dating for almost a year now.
I need ideas for the gift.
I’m not really fond of giving out gifts to girls I date but since she’s much more special, I want to give her something that she will really appreciate.
I know she’s into bags, shoes, and make-up but I have no idea about those stuff.
I also kinda want something customized or made from the heart.
Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks ahead.

1 Answers

Alice Answered:

Based on the things you mentioned, I would think that the following would be great ideas for a gift for her:
Sephora gift card
A designer purse
Scented Candles or a fancy body lotion/soap
As for sentimental gifts, why not do the "52 Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards" idea? Take a deck of playing cards and put stickers on them. Print out little slips of paper, the size of the card or smaller, that lists one thing (per card) that you love about her, then glue the paper to each playing card. It's a cute and sentimental gift that she's sure to love.
There's an awesome article all about the best gift ideas to strengthen your relationship! You can read it and get some inspiration.

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