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Mismatched Sex Drives

Hey, 23 year old cute, healthy, woman, recently married a 35 year old man.
We have custody of his kids and we've been together 4 years total.
I have a high sex drive (4+ a week, please) and up until this past year, he has met it.
We have lived in a wee smidge of a house without proper doors, so I completely understand the change.
It's hard to get busy with kids close by! He promised once he got me alone, we'd get weird, but the honeymoon has come and gone and I've been left wanting.
We didn't even touch the lube or candles.
I know sex drive can fluctuate, it certainly has over the years for us.
I can't help but fear I've entered a sexless marriage or one that will grow to become sexless.
He won't really talk to me about it, scratching it up to being tired, being busy.
You know, the stereotypical female responses to not wanting sex.
It's been two weeks now.
I'm horny as hell and don't know how to woo him.
Help me!  

3 Answers

Morriss Answered:

Try to talk with him, but if this won't be enough maybe try to play with your self? Masturbation is a good filler to a daily sex life. You can find some good sex videos and release some of the tension you are holding up due to lack of sex

Jamie76 Answered:

That sounds like too much to me. It's much easier for a woman to do it that often than for a man. Have a frank discussion about what you each want, need and expect. Try to understand the other side of it, don't just think of yourself.

RandyBennett Answered:

Don't preasure a man try to think of ways to make him chase it that's what us men want is to chase try to find out his fantasy and act that out or something good luck

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