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Her dad doesn’t like me I don’t know why

My girlfriend’s dad really hate me for reasons that I don’t know.
Whenever I visited her, he would always scowl at me.
I have tried impressing him but he won’t really budge.
I bought his favourite drink, gave him stuff, and had a sincere talk with him about my girlfriend.
I thought those would be enough but I was wrong.
Is this really how it’s like in latin women dating? Are Latino fathers really strict on their daughter’s lovers? I don’t know what else I could do.
Please help me.

1 Answers

deepshika1 Answered:

I mean its not just latin women, it's everyone. Every girl's dad will want a suitable mate for her and I don't think you have impressed him in the right way yet so you should try finding out more things that he might like and try finding common interests where you can have a conversation and connect with him. It will take time definitely but gradually you will build a connection with him. You need to show him that you are in this for the long run.

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