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My gf is so scared of my dog

My girlfriend just moved in with me and she’s so scared of my dog.
I have a beautiful german shepherd girl who gets a bit aggressive when there are other people around.
My dog barks a lot whenever she’s unfamiliar with people.
Since my gf lived far away, we didn’t really hang out much in my house and so, this is the first time my gf will be around my dog and vice versa.
My gf did mention at a social romance tour we attended that she is scared of dogs but I didn’t think much about this because I didn’t know the extent of her fear.
I didn’t know she was THAT scared to the point that she won’t go out of the room since she fears that my dog will follow her around the house.
She screams when my dog gets too close to her and she almost collapses whenever my dog tries to jump on her (my dog is very playful).
How do I make my gf comfortable with my dog? Who should I call for help regarding problems like these? Thanks so much.

1 Answers

deepshika1 Answered:

Does she have a phobia of dogs or is she just scared that it will bite her or something. There is a difference between the two. I don't think a phobia is something that you will be able to fix. It she is just scared of your dog then you can ask her to be brave and tell her that once the dog identifies her scent, it wont harm you ever and instead protect you at all times against anything considering the fact that you have a German Shepherd.

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