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What can i do if I'm depressed and lying down on the bed all the time?

I'm married in India, I'm from Europe.
i love my husband, he's a nice man and shows much attention and love towards me but still, I am so lonely.
I have no friends here, i can't go out alone, most of the days I'm on the bed, in my room ( i don't go much out of the room coz we don't live alone but with in-laws n I can't communicate well because they don't understand English well but I understand their language only not able to respond back).
It irritates me that most of the time I do nothing, i can't even concentrate on my own work, I'm a designer and I think I need to go out more often for inspiration, how can someone do work and be inspired when sitting all the time in one room? Is it even possible? I don't know why I can't go out alone, maybe not so safe coz it's India, how should I live on my own? I'm dependent on my husband totally.
I talk only with him n when he's at the office, works at night I also don't sleep coz I'm alone, all night on phone,tv or I start designing something then I get negative thoughts n leave it.
I'm so fed up, always home.
I loved to do makeup now I don't do coz I go nowhere, also have no strength to get up sometimes maybe my body has become lazy.
I even get mad when my husband goes out cuz I'm alone, work is fine but see I gave up on everything and I'm here with him, why shouldn't he do little for me and spend time with me? If he wants to go out he should do it with me.
I think of suicide often but I know I'm not able to do it.

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Questions1 Answered:

Make time to go out. Force yourself. Go to a cafe for tea, a museum, go see a movie. When your husband sees your going out by yourself believe me he will break his neck to join u and start spending more time with you.

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