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Dirty looks and short fuses

Hello there! I'm pretty new to this forum, so please excuse me if this has already been addressed.
My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years, been living together for 5 years and have been a couple for 10 years.
Anyhow, Over the past couple of years, I've noticed his demeanor change.
He has a short temper, now almost to the point where I never really know what to say to him, because literally anything can and will set him off.
This is not to say he's abusive at all.
More he yells, stomps around, slams doors.
He has broken things in the past during a heated argument, and has, sadly punched more than one hole in our wall.
This behavior sets off all sorts of red flags for me and I am pretty put off by it.
I have also noticed that, if he's working (he works on cars in his spare time) and I come out to, say, ask if he's hungry for dinner yet, he gives me this look like I have just annoyed him more than anyone ever has, every other day.
I hate it when he looks at me like that.
I have tried to talk to him about these things, and he just seems angrier when I do.
I'm at a loss.
Please, any advice is helpful.
Thanks  ~Alyssa  

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

Anger is the big time spoiler it can take someone at the edge of depression, loneliness, and regrets. Help him get rid of this pathetic behavior by consulting therapist and by getting him involved in meditation. I must suggest that don't argue and wait for the perfect time to sort things and to make him realize his wrong attitude.

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