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How to get long distance gf to stop hanging out with her toxic friends?

Me and my current gf have been dating for about some time now.
Of the months we’ve been together, there’s just one thing that bothers the hell out of me and it’s her friends.
Her group of “friends” are clearly toxic for her but she doesn’t seem to see it no matter how much I try to warn her.
They manipulate her, use her for her material things and money, and they say demeaning insults to her when they there are problems within the circle.
One insult that hurt me the most was what they said to me that I’m have malicious intentions with my gf just because we met through a foreign dating event.
They seem to have this mentality that I’m after physical things and that she’s after material possessions and money.
That’s just one of the many crazy ideas they have no trouble saying to our faces.
I can clearly see how affected my gf is about all of this and I honestly don’t know how to make things better for her from here.
Any advice?

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

Being around friends is a keen requirement these days, and if they're toxic ones, it's better to have none. People with the habit of interfering in your personal lives might end up taking you to the stage of depression. I would assist you to help her know the intentions of her toxic friends and try giving her some space as well because self-experience and time are best teachers.

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