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Help us choose our kitchen appliances and save our marriage :)

Hello guys :) I have to ask you for one favor.
Husband and I got married few days ago, and these days we are slowly moving into our new house :) We are currently picking our kitchend appliances and we're about to get into a huge fight because we can't agree which dishwasher we're going to choose! Like siriusly   That's why I've decided to look for some third oppinon.
 This is a dishwasher that I want bosch she3ar75uc  - which is grey and gorgeous and would fit perfectly into our kitchen decor ;)  This is a dishwasher that my husband wants bosch SPE53U52UC    Would you please look at the specifitacions of both dishwashers and let me know which one is better, so I don't end up divorced before my honemoon (I really want that trip to Italy :D )    Thanks guys.
Cheers, Chloe  

3 Answers

Lakersgirl Answered:

hey to all.
 Ditto, Congratulations on getting married. Hope the honeymoon was memorable. As for the question at hand, I used a Bosh dishwasher and honestly it was a lot more work than it was worth. I mean yeah the specs are painting an amazing picture and the prices are semi-reasonable but if you guys live in an area with hard water it will be a constant headache. They are made for European markets and the water there is a lot softer so usually bosh breaks up with a lot of plaques. I recently purchased a brand new dishwasher from an Australian brand and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a lot less energy consuming and I haven’t had a single problem with it. Price-wise it was really good deal too. I am a very happy customer. And anyways have a good long life together. You will have time to pick a dishwasher in the future too.

Emma_dear Answered:

First of all, congratulations on getting married. That's wonderful!smiley You should be thinking about your honeymoon! Not kitchen appliances. :) But since it's a big deal, here's my advice. Coming from a housewife and a mom of two. Don't worry too much about the way it looks. Trust me you won't be thinking too much about it when the kids come. :) But, In this case, I'll side with you. Looking at the specs, first does seem to be a great dishawasher. Plus, it's a bargain. So, tell your husband it's a good choice and have fun in Italy. laugh

CooperN Answered:

I'd go with the first one, that's the one i have. Not because i wanted it though...


Replied on Apr 27, 2018

Haahahha did your wife made you buy it? :) Thanks for help tho :D

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