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What’s it like to be married to a foreigner

Is it better to marry someone from your own race or someone local in your community/country? I am fascinated by the idea of marrying someone who comes from a different country or race.
But I’ve heard of some horror stories about men undergoing culture shock as they get to know their foreign brides better after getting married.
Some found their partner’s cultural practices weird and some have had very unpleasant experiences with the foreign partner’s family.
Anybody here wanna share some experience on this matter? Would love to hear from you guys.

1 Answers

Sophia Answered:

I personally don't have any experience with foreigners (though I have dated some men who had foreign parents and yes, the culture shock was definitely... well... shocking!)
I believe that it all depends on how open both partners are in general towards new ideas, ways of living and cultures in general.
Sociologist Stewart Lawrence in his article on Unique Challenges Faced by Inter-Ethnic Marriages has some interesting insights on the subject. Stressing on the fact that it is important to deal with race and ethnicity openly. Romance and fantasy aside, inter-ethnic couples should take a good amount of time to know each other well before committing to get married.
If you look at it closely, the same factors of better communication, adjusting and compromising, and understanding your partner better apply to such marriages, which is the same for married couples in general.

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