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My wife and I are thinking of starting a business

My wife and I are thinking of starting a business but we’re not really sure what type to invest in.
We want something that is constantly needed by the public so that the sales would be consistent.
Our friends and family have strongly suggested investing on food business but I’m not so sure about that since I have no idea how good food business usually work.
Also, if we were to go for the food industry, would establishing our own brand be good or is it too risky? Or is investing on a franchise a better idea? Back when I met my wife several years ago in a foreign dating event, she was running her own small clothing business but things didn’t really work out well for her and she had to stop it.
So, clothing business is not on the list of options.
Does anybody here have other suggestions/business ideas? Thanks.

1 Answers

SwayB Answered:

I'm new to this forum and starting searching for conversations around entrepreneurship and yours came up! My husband and I run multiple businesses and we actually enjoy helping other couples do the same. A few things to be mindful of before starting (if you haven't just yet) is: -be sure you understand the business model if you are buying a business -be sure your market is a 'hot' market as in, people are already paying for results in that industry -create a goal and plan of action in that market to create leads to buy from you (many start a business without having a system for qualified leads). We actually have a 5-day challenge for married entrepreneurs that you two will find helpful no matter where you are on this journey.

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