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What Do I Say?

I talked to my wife about a divorce and decided to get divorce but see if we could work things out over the next few years.
This was because she has gone back to school and need support during this time and I would never want to hurt her or our kids by making stop school and getting a job that she will really enjoy.
In the last two weeks she has lost both her dad and grandmother.
This is the problem she keeps asking me if I feel different about us and has asked for me to tell her that she is the only one i want and that i was wrong for telling her i wanted to get divorce.
I dont want to lie to her because it has only been 1 month and we have not really had time to work on our problems.
But she has so much on her right now and I dont want her to have this on her mine.
Should I just tell her what she wants to hear or what?

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

I would suggest talking to her because priority seeks time and I think you would be her priority. Love and family should be happy for a better living, and you guys hold understanding towards each other to sort things out.

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