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I stretched my marriage for 1 year since I was too scared of divorce although my husband wanted it for 1.5 years

He and his family were so ruthless and harsh to me during the whole process.
I knew him for 10 years and I didnt expect this from him.
I didnt get any settlement and I dont know if i should ever get married again.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

What made you stretch this painful experience for an additional year and half? . You should have immediately gotten a good divorce lawyer to maximize your alimony payment for agreeing to divorce him. Was he ruthless for ten years or just after marriage? Do you know root cause for his behavior? Feel something is missing from your narrative. Are you blameless for this outcome? Don't judge all mankind based on one person or family. Given your minimal sketchy proses it is difficult to advise beyond this proclamation of finding new partners.

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