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Are you happy now? You left me hanging...

I was once a foreign bride, got married to an American guy five months ago.
Our first months were fine, we were happy, he visits me here in the country every two weeks.
For the record, we are not living together, he’s in the States now.
But I have a problem, it’s been a week already and he’s not texting or calling me.
This is really weird since he loves talking to me every single day.
This is giving me so much heartache.
I don’t have any idea why he’s doing this to me.
I think I deserve an explanation right? He left me hanging

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

You surely deserve an explanation as sometimes people get on in their work that they forget about their priorities but it's not same all the time. Try to remain calm and don't take any decision in the heat of the moment.

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