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Wife’s mom lives with us.. HELP

last year, I was called to active duty from the Navy Reserves, so my wife moved her mom to our state to live with us and help with our (now three years old) son.
I agreed to this only on the terms that she wouldn’t be living with us indefinitely, and that she would be moving back out upon my arrival home.
While I was gone, we bought a house, and she moved with my wife.
I was told (not asked or even consulted) that she is moving to our state, and will be staying with us indefinitely until she finds a place she can afford.
I’ve been home for about 2 months, and she hasn’t made any progress.
She interferes and undermines our parenting, calls me a torturer when my son is throwing a tantrum during bedtime, and all kinds of shit.
I love my wife dearly, but I’m really starting to resent her for this.
Her mom constantly coddles our son, and spoils him, so I’m worried about his development being hindered since there really isn’t any consistency from all of the adults in the house.
She paints me to be abusive to my kid, because I don’t normally give in to temper tantrums.
Let me be clear that I would NEVER do anything to harm him.
  Ive voiced this to my wife several times, and she always comforts me, and says “I know, me too” but the woman still lives here.
  love my wife, but I worry for my son, and our marriage.
  Any advice would be helpful.

1 Answers

Zanzabar Answered:

Well, say it mom's mom.Now i tell a little story. I met my ex-wife on the ukReine dating site many years ago. After some time, we played a wedding. Then her mother came to stay for a couple of days, but stayed for a year. In the end, she set my wife against me. Аfter I could not stand it and told them both, I listened to what I'm bad. and the matter went to divorce. Because your wife is still for you. come up with a plan in two

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