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Which wedding theme is better?

Three months from now, I’ll be tying the knot with my American boyfriend.
He told me to think about the best wedding theme for our special day.
Now, I need your suggestion.
Which would be better? A garden wedding? A beach wedding? I can’t think of any aside from these two.
And also, a certain love tours foreign in the internet suggested about a vintage and bohemian theme.
What are those? Vintage? Bohemian? Can somebody explain these? And please help me in deciding for the best theme! Your responses are highly appreciated!

1 Answers

Marylou Linde Answered:

My younger sister had a garden wedding before. And from what I’ve witnessed, her wedding was a really private one and the overall look of the garden made it kind of refreshing sight. I don’t know how to explain it better, but it has a peaceful vibe that made the ceremony very solemn. As for me, I had a beach wedding which was planned with the help of this organizer. Of course, I can’t possibly plan an entire destination wedding on my own. So to give you an idea, it requires a lot more work than a garden wedding but has its own advantages. The presence of the ocean was so breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing. Also, getting married under the warm tropical sun with the cool ocean breeze is such a unique experience. Overall, I think both of these themes are great choices.

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