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My mom is getting married again

My mom and her new boyfriend whom she met from joining dating tours are planning to get married.
As much as I want to be happy for my mom, I’m having mixed feelings about this thing.
I’m used to my mom dating around but she never really reached the point of wanting to be married again after her divorce with my dad.
I’m not really sure if I’m ready to welcome a new member in our family.
He’ll be living with us or maybe, we’ll have to move in with him and that’s not something I really want to do.
I just think that so many changes will have to take place and I’m having a hard time taking those thoughts in.
I’m also not sure if I should open up to my mom.
I’ve only told my best friend about these things.
I’m not exactly sure what I should do at this point.
Any suggestions guys?

1 Answers

Alice257 Answered:

I would suggest you to go with the flow and try to be a part of the happiness of your mother because there is no age for being happy. Things will get better with time and efforts towards getting back family.


Kriti Sharma
Replied on Mar 05, 2019

Agreed with this

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