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How to make an interracial relationship work?

I love getting to know people who come from different cultures and “walks” in life.
However, I have yet to try out being in a relationship with someone who is not my race.
I’m aware that some culture differences may be very serious and that it might cause a lot of problems in a serious relationship.
I’m actually planning to join this international dating social event and hopefully, I’ll meet someone who will be interested in a serious relationship.
I am quite worried about how interracial relationships work though.
Do we both have to make large adjustments in life? I need to hear personal experiences or advices from those who have tried to make things work in this type of relationship.

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Hi! Interracial or same race relationships, ultimately it all boils down to mutual understanding, respect for the diverse background and preferences and support for each other's causes and decisions. Just make sure you make an effort to seamlessly assimilate these differences and sometimes agreeing to disagree, on matters relevant to your happy union.

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