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Am i wasting my time???

We have been together almost 7 years.
When we got together, he said he was in process of divorce.
Was not the case.
He eventually got a legal separation then has subsequently dropped the ball many times at proceeding with divorce.
He has left it in wifes hands to get said divorce.
She has filed papers.
But actually didnt.
She has lost papers, another excuse.
She is waiting for pension payout, she wont get till he retires.
She cant get her own benefits.
Her cat died.
There is excuse after excuse.
Any time he asks her to move on with it she says she will need more child support because she will have to start paying out of her own pocket for benefits.
He says he is saving us from having less money worries by not pushing it.
We do not share financial responsibilities other than split mortgage.
I actually pay everything else except internet/cable.
Im so dang frustrated.

1 Answers


Hi! It is best that you put your foot firmly and tell your partner that there is only a certain time till which you can wait, reiterate that you have been on tenterhooks for long, tedious 7 years and it is sapping you out. For your own sanity and reassurance that he loves you, it is important that he fulfils his commitment and starts a legit relationship with you. Chances are he could be stalling the whole thing (divorce) , hoping you will come around to the current arrangement without him having to go through the messiness of a divorce.

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