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Long distance is rough. Should I keep fighting?

First things first, long distance relationships SUCK.
I’ve been together with my gf for a year before she moved away to another country forever.
Apparently, she believes that she has a better future there than here.
The thing is, our relationship hit rock bottom after she flew away.
I’ve tried everything from facetiming her everyday, booking tickets and visiting her, and even sending her gifts for the past two years but we always end up fighting for a small reason.
I’ve even asked for advice from my friends who are also in an LDR and even my brother who met his gf through an international dating social event.
Even if he and his gf are strangers when they met, they still have a stable and functioning relationship than mine.
Is it just me? Or is this the sign I needed to let our relationship come to an end? Should I keep fighting for this?

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

From the looks of it, it seems there is a lot of resentment which can be attributed to different time zones, challenges to keep up with the relationship requirements, try suggesting a break to her. A temporary break that will serve as a time to cool off your head and see for yourself if you still want to be with each other just as you wanted when you started out. A relationship counselling can also help do the necessary repair.

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