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Prostitutes over wife

I just caught my husband of 5 yrs having encounters with prostitutes on a regular basis, he told me he had a fasination about bj, interestingly I never had any probs with it but he never wanted me to do it, should I leave him?

2 Answers

Graham Answered:

For some sex is the only thing that consititutes a marriage and for some, it is as trivial as marriage itself. I think I am not going to influnce your decision at this stage. You perhaps would have already made your mind. And if not, you should go by your heart.

N_marriage Answered:

I think this a very serious issue. He has broken your trust and been unfaithful to you..... I know it is very difficult for you to understand why he would do're probably just too angry now. Give yourself some time, think through well and ask yourself if you really want to be with this person? Also is he sorry for his behaviour and is he trying to convince you that he won't do such a thing again? Ask yourself if you can trust him again.... If you feel there is no scope, then leaving him would probably be wise. However, if you still wish to be with him and think that he desrves another chance, then talk straight with him about this - tell him how much this has hurt you.... you can even visit a therapist and try to get an expert opinion on this - perhaps help your husband as well.... Good luck!

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