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Should I stay or should I go

We recently went on vacation for a week with a bunch of my husbands friends.
Since day 1 my husband spent his time condescending me, humilating me, talking about my inadequacy in the bedroom with his friends, disrespecting then turning things around blaming me if I say anything.
Our last day we had a party in our room where a girl appeared to be drunk started a table dance most people laughed.
Then she tried giving men lap dances the married men said no or stated they were married.
My husband tells her to come on over (I am sitting less than 3 feet in front of him) allows her to do a dance then gets up and grinds on her with another single man.
When he sits down the girl leans over to his lap where he grabs her head up and down.
This behavior continues I left the room.
I look in to see him have a bent over a table spanking her with a metal spoon.
He finally comes looking for me I dont know what to say to him I just walk into the bedroom.
The next day I don't speak to him at all and he keeps jumping down my throat "what the f is up with you" (He wasnt drunk last night) On the plane he won't allow me the window and when the man behind us states he can't be that mean and gives me the window seat, my husband invites the girl (from last night) up to sit with him and proceeds to flirt loudly.
Once home I am sick as anything from being so upset; migraines, nausea, diaherra and can't sleep.
After 5 days he finally ASKS what did he do wrong! He thought it was only the spanking that upset me.
REALLY! I told him how I felt but he still doesnt know what was so wrong! However he deleted all the pictures and video he took of what went on and posted a comment on the tour website what goes on there stays there! If he has the audacity to do this in front of me what is he doing with this group when I'm not around? ​This is not the first time he has done something like this to me but I am not sure I can ever handle it again.
Should I forgive and forget?

2 Answers


Respect went out the window with him. Can you amaging you doing that to him. I would never let a man treat me like that. Honestly if you can leave then go as fast as you can. Your husband needexs help . I am in a situation where my husband wont have sex with me. Different storty there. Marria good in what you do. Xena69


Forgiving and forgetting is not even the remotest of the possibility. Leave, run in the opposite direction, never to look back at this man again. He is an obnoxious boor, you are way better off without this insensitive, debauched philanderer. Spare yourself any further torture. Cut all ties, divorce him and start afresh. Also, undergo counselling to recover from all the damage your self-esteem has suffered due to this man's horrid ways with you.

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